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About our Organization

Our Mission

We aim to cultivate a community of aviation enthusiasts at Princeton University

Speaker Series

We are inviting speakers, from airline industry professionals to prominent aviation journalists, to speak to our group. All Princeton community members are welcome to attend.

Academic Research

We are collaborating with various university departments in both engineering and the social sciences to bring students into the interdisciplinary study of aviation.

Professional Networking

We are building a network of Princeton University alumni working in the aviation industry to create opportunities for students to pursue careers in the dynamic world of aviation.

Leadership Team

Adam Chang


Adam is Junior in Operations Research and Financial Engineering who plans to work in international development. He loves flying long-haul economy for free or almost nothing, and nothing excites him more than sub-$400 fares to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to allow him to fly over 100,000 miles a year.

Mashad Arora

Vice President

Mashad is a Junior Operations Research and Financial Engineering major from Brownsville, Texas, and he loves keeping up with the latest route announcements, product reveals, and controversies in the airline industry. He enjoys long journeys with a lot of connections, his most recent being Trivandrum, India to Abu Dhabi to London to Dallas/Fort Worth to Brownsville on Etihad and American, which took 30 hours.

Maxwell Chung

Events Manager

Maxwell is a Sophomore who plans to major in the Woodrow Wilson School or in History. He loves to pilot around Princeton in his spare time and is interested in the financing of the aviation industry. His other involvements on campus include Division I Fencing, Business Today, and the Asian Americans Students Association.

Saad Mirza


Saad is a sophomore from Olean, New York studying aerospace engineering. He’s traveled internationally since he was a newborn to visit his family in Pakistan, and hopes to help bring back supersonic aviation in the future.

Kyle Xiao


Kyle is a Senior Computer Science major from Rochester, New York with a love for flight simulators. He loves having the opportunity to pilot planes ranging from ultralights to Airbus A380s.

Idir Aitsahalia


A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Idir founded the Aviation Association as a Freshman and graduated from Princeton in 2018. He now works in airline revenue management and enjoys coming back to the club. He loves traveling to practice foreign languages and write stories about what he sees. His favorite place is Easter Island with its moai statues, and his biggest regret is missing the last commercial flight of the Boeing 747SP.


Dave Hilfman - United Airlines

April 27, 2018

Dave Hilfman, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at United Airlines, will share his experiences as a veteran of the airline industry through turbulent times, the strategies through which airlines are finally becoming profitable after repeated losses, and his advice for the next generation of aviation leaders.

Tom Sanderson - Boeing

March 29, 2018

Tom Sanderson, Regional Director of Product Marketing at Boeing, will give an overview of Boeing and the competition with Airbus and emerging aircraft manufacturers, and how he markets Boeing's products to airlines around the world based on their network needs.

Angelina Aucello - Angelina Travels

March 8, 2018

Angelina Aucello, blogger at Angelina Travels, will discuss strategies for picking the best credit cards to rack up miles and points and travel around the world. She will go over the recent changes in that area and potential pitfalls to avoid for those beginning their journey into the world of miles and points.

Adam Kuebler - United Airlines

November 30, 2017

Adam Kuebler, Senior Manager of Pacific Network Planning at United Airlines, will talk about how airlines pick the routes they fly, drawing on his experience leading the route network decisions for the largest airline across the Pacific Ocean.

David Page - United Airlines

October 11, 2017

David Page, Director of Hub Business Management for United Airlines at Newark Airport and Princeton University Class of 2017, will speak about the challenges of managing the airline's primary East Coast gateway and recent initiatives to improve the airport experience for customers.

Jonathan Weisberg - Boeing

September 26, 2017

Jonathan Weisberg will recount his experience as a Strategy Analyst Specialist at the Boeing Company, working in business development for Boeing's Defense team to sell military aircraft to partners around the world. He will also talk about his new entrereneurial venture, Weekend Jetsetters, which helps curious travelers with imited time and money discover the world.

Ben Baldanza - Spirit Airlines

May 10, 2017

Ben Baldanza, former CEO of Spirit Airlines and Princeton University Class of 1986, will talk about how an underdog low-cost carrier disrupted the airline business to offer the cheapest flights. He turned Spirit into the most successful low-cost carrier in the country, achieving previously unheard-of profit margins through a revolutionary strategy of affordable fares, rapid expansion, and provocative advertising. He holds an MPA in Transportation Economics from Princeton, has worked at several different airlines before Spirit, and now serves on the executive board of Iceland's WOW Air.

Jamie Larounis - The Forward Cabin

May 4, 2017

Jamie Larounis, blogger at The Forward Cabin, will talk about how anyone can leverage credit cards and loyalty programs to fly around the world in the most luxurious first class cabins, complete with bedroom suites, onboard showers, personalized service, luxury car transfers, and free-flowing champagne. He helps organize Frequent Traveler University, a multi-yearly conference teaching travelers the best ways to maximize their miles and points. He is also a volunteer at Travelers Aid, a nonprofit group that helps flyers stranded in airports after delayed or cancelled flights move to alternative flights for free.

Linda Yao - Boeing

April 10, 2017

Linda Yao, Data Science and Analytics Skills Team Captain at The Boeing Company, will describe careers in data science and analytics, business, and aerospace engineering, and how a massive corporation works with huge mountains of data to design the best product and sell it to customers, drawing on her experience managing the operations of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer. She has previously worked for Engineering, Operations, and Technology, as well as Corporate Treasury, at Boeing and has a Master in Statistics from Harvard University.

Alex Green - Aircastle

March 9, 2017

Alex Green, Executive Vice President, Associate General Counsel & Secretary at Aircastle and Princeton University Class of 2000, will give a high-level overview of the aircraft leasing industry. He will explain when and why airlines decide to lease their planes, drawing on his experience managing the legal department of one of the world's largest aircraft leasing companies. Aircastle has offices in Connecticut, Ireland, and Singapore, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

Chris Hoogstad - American Airlines

March 2, 2017

Chris Hoogstad, Flight Service Manager at American Airlines, will talk about how airlines make major business decisions with regards to customer service, drawing on his experience in the flight service group of the world's largest airline. Currently based in New York, he previously worked for America West and US Airways in Phoenix.

Ari Charlestein - First Class and Beyond

December 15, 2016

Ari Charlestein, founder of miles consulting services Award Magic and First Class and Beyond, will speak about his experiences and advice for those looking to travel the world for free. He will give his tips for using airline miles to receive free flights, and finding the best flights in first and business class.

Omar Jeroudi - Air France

December 13, 2016

Omar Jeroudi, Joint Venture Performance Director at Air France, will speak about how airlines decide which prices to set for specific routes and cooperate with other airlines across the globe to offer international connecting flights. He will draw on his experience managing the cooperation between two of the world's largest airlines.

Thomas Connolly - United Airlines

November 16, 2016

Thomas Connolly, head of Airport Operations Business Management for United Airlines in Newark, will speak about his work leading the day-to-day operations of a Fortune 500 company. He will go over some of the upcoming changes happening at Newark as United embarks on a major renovations program.

Stefan Krasowski - Rapid Travel Chai

October 12, 2016

Stefan Krasowski, travel journalist at Rapid Travel Chai, will speak about his travels to exotic lands. Mr. Krasowski has been to nearly all the countries in the world, and is just chasing down a few more. He will be talking about some of the lesser-known airlines flying to the most obscure travel destinations, from Kiribati to the Congo.

Seth Miller - Wandering Aramean

May 4, 2016

Seth Miller, influential aviation journalist and lead blogger at the Wandering Aramean travel blog, will speak about the evolution of frequent-flyer programs and how they permit customers to receive free or discounted airfare. He will also share some of his more interesting travel adventures.

Christina Davis - Princeton University

April 19, 2016

Christina Davis, professor at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, will speak about her research on the Boeing-Airbus dispute on aircraft subsidies at the World Trade Organization, as it features into her book, Why Adjucate? She will cover the ongoing controversies in trade policy and political economy as they apply to the aircraft industry.

John Heilner - Trans World Airlines

April 6, 2016

John Heilner, former vice-president of pricing at Trans World Airlines in New York, will be talking about his experiences in the aviation industry. He will delve into the strategies airlines use to segment customers and will share tips for how to break into airline management careers.

Eric Reuther - Stout Risius Ross

December 3, 2015

Eric Reuther, Investment Banking Director at Stout Risius Ross in Chicago, will speak about his experience in investment banking, with a focus on the aviation industry. He will summarize what he learned about the aviation industry while advising companies through deals in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and mezzanine capital raising.

Chris Lopinto - ExpertFlyer

November 12, 2015

Chris Lopinto, the founder of ExpertFlyer, will speak about how his company uses advanced data science tools to display available seats for travelers looking for upgrades and free air tickets. He will describe how airlines manage their inventory and how entrepreneurs can monetize this information and provide a valuable service to their customer base.

Frank Lorenzo - Continental Airlines

October 16, 2015

Mr. Lorenzo, former CEO of Continental Airlines, formed the first frequent-flyer program and created the Newark Airport hub used by so many Princetonians. Aside from his experience as CEO of Continental, Mr. Lorenzo has also been involved in the leadership of Eastern Air Lines, Texas International Airlines, and New York Air. He will speak about his experiences and lessons learned in the dynamic airline industry.

Kevin Petrovic - FlightCar

May 2, 2015

Kevin Petrovic, founder and president of rental car start-up FlightCar, will share his company's underdog success story with Princeton students. Mr. Petrovic founded FlightCar with a novel idea: when travelling, why not rent out your car to someone else instead of paying to park it? Flightcar.com, which allows people to rent out their cars to travellers visiting their home city, was the result.

Charlotte O'Connell - American Airlines

April 23, 2015

Charlotte O'Connell, senior captain at American Airlines, will speak about her experience as a pilot in a constantly changing aviation industry. She has flown for over twenty years, on long and shot-haul flights to Europe and the Caribbean, and domestically.

Thomas Horton - American Airlines

March 8, 2015

Thomas Horton, the former CEO of American Airlines, will address the Princeton Aviation Association. He will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the aviation industry, and speak about his tenure as CEO of one of the world's largest carriers in a time of transformation.

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